Military Gear (boots, coats…)

Browsing through sportsmansguide was a lot of browsing… literally 1000+ items, but narrowed it down to 13 things that caught my eye (with design, price and ratings in mind). Couple boots, lot of jackets, a 4-pack of white tees for $25… Screenshot with sizes this time, so that it’s easy for you to see, and the big red price is for people in the “Buyer’s Club”. Non-members use the price under.

Shipping is free after $49 with code ‘SH1037’ or sign up for a free month trial of their subscription and get 10% off + free shipping. And it looks like they only ship to Canada and America. Details here

Also if you like the posts that I’ve created, please subscribe to the e-mail list (I’ll keep the email updates strictly for when I make posts for unreal deals that I find) or just drop a follow on my Instagram so that I can understand how many of you actually like my content 🙂

Anyways, I present the list (I saved the best deal for last and LINKS ARE UNDER THE PHOTOS):


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