Roots 1-day 40% Off Sale Guide

Being a Canadian, I’ve had my fair share of Roots clothes. They’re on the higher end of loungewear- really comfortable and durable (I still wear sweatpants from 7 years ago). Every year, they have their anniversary sale which is basically a 40% off all of their sweats, which makes it a decent price to get some of their stuff especially with the USD conversion for Americans. For sizing, I’m 180lb and 6’1″. I wear medium in normal sweatpants (the sizes run large), I’ve never tried their slim sweatpants but since I have thick thighs, I’d probably go for the Large and I usually go for a Large for hoodies and the quarter zip.

The colours that I chose are completely preference and what I noticed the majority of people getting. The other colours available are nice too for the most part 🙂

Here are two of the cheaper stuff I found, and I added five of the most popular items that people usually get from Roots (in USD):


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